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Character Education
Our EDPS Core Values...

At the core of our school and community value system is supporting students, staff, and families with mutual respect.  Our spirit assemblies are a highlight in the school, wherein we celebrate students' success in academics, in sports, in leadership, in he arts, and in citizenship.   Our school hintegrates character education into everything we do.  The traits below is a ramework to support students, staff, and families in creating a school community that is, in essence, a family where we all learn, grow, and prosper together.  

Character Education Attributes

Co-operation            assisting with other students
                                creating solutions
                                assisting staff

Courtesy                        using manners appropriately
                                sharing and taking turns
                                being polite

Forgiveness             be kind
                                be caring of others
                                be a good problem solver

Compassion              caring for others who are hurt
                                showing warmth & understanding
                                being a good friend

Responsibility          completing assignments
                                displaying reliability
                                being accountable for actions

Respect for Others      appreciating diversity
                                treating others with consideration
                                sensitivity to the feelings of others

Honesty                 being trustworthy
                                volunteering information
                                being truthful

Respect for              practising recycling
Environment              valuing a clean learning environment
                                 demonstrating an appreciationn and respect for nature

Positive Attitude       participating in programmes
                                being confident about learning
                                being a risk taker in your learning

Self-discipline         exercising self control
                                following school routines
                                stay on task and complete your work

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