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Agenda Information
See the attached Agenda insert for more school information:

Student Agendas:

All students with the exception of our earliest Primary learners have a student agenda to take home on a daily basis.  This a great way to record homework, keep track of important tests, assignments, projects, and upcoming fun events such as class trips, assemblies, dances, and concerts.  (Our youngest students frequently have zip bags or folders through which home and school communicates on a daily basis.  Please check your child's backpack each and every day he/she attends school.)

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to look for the school agenda in your son/daughter's backpack each evening in order to find notes or questions from a teacher concerning his/her child.   Notes to the teacher from home can also be placed in the front agenda pocket to be read and/or addressed the following day at school.

There are several information pages at the front of every agenda that detail behaviour, citizenship, and dress code expectations for students in the building.  Additionally, bus expectations and school start/finish times are noted as well.   

Sometimes, however, a direct teacher/family contact is required.  Teachers may phone to request a meeting, or families may also phone the school to request a meeting time.  Our school motto is 'Enter to Learn' and the staff at EDPS are here to support student success on a daily level.

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