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Code of Behaviour

Rules are necessary when people gather in a community to learn. These guiding principles of student behaviour have been developed in keeping with the Limestone District School Board's Policy to provide clear and effective communication of school expectations to all students and parents/guardians concerning general student behaviour, rights, and responsibilities. We also acknowledge the Provincial Code of Student Conduct and Behaviour which is imbedded in the Education Act, available on the website of the Ministry of Education:  

At Elginburg and District Public School we expect all students will:
  • demonstrate respect
  • exercise responsibility
  • represent good citizenship and character
RESPECT i.e., show consideration for others, and treat and handle all materials with care.  Each student is expected to be considerate of:
  • peers
  • adults who work and/or volunteer at our school
  • individuals in the community
  • people of different cultural backgrounds
  • physically and educationally-challenged people
  • another person's opinion
  • his/her own property, other’s property, school property, and the environment
RESPONSIBILITY  i.e., learn, and be accountable for one's actions. Each student is expected to:
  • be punctual, be prepared, and attend school daily
  • exhibit appropriate behaviour at school, on the bus and at school-related functions
  • dress in appropriate clothing and use acceptable language for school setting and school-sponsored events
CITIZENSHIP and CHARACTER i.e., become a functional, contributing member of society. Each student is expected to:
  • make reasonable and responsible decisions
  • cooperate with others
  • set worthwhile goals
  • consider the consequences of their actions
  • develop meaningful academic and social skills
  • be considerate of the community beyond the school
  • demonstrate the 10 monthly character traits adopted by EDPS on a daily basis

To see the full Behaviour and Dress Codes, go to Agenda Information.

Last Modified: Aug 21, 2014
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